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Liquid Solutions

Sentz® Performance Waterproofing:
The environmentally friendly range for impregnation and maintenance of your favorite outdoor sports equipment.

There are various reasons for using our products as a user:
Simplicity, quality and attention to the environment are the most important.

Sentz® has a clear range, so that as a consumer you can still see the trees and the forest.
The use of our products is absolutely safe and therefore does not endanger yourself, your equipment and your valuable washing machine.
If you do not have a machine, the products can just as easily be applied by hand.
The supplied measuring cap of exactly 100ml ensures the correct dosage.

Sentz® uses high-quality components that are carefully selected and developed by our own laboratory.
This also ensures that we also make custom products (concentration, composition, fragrance, color and packaging). The “ONE STOP SHOP” principle guarantees the high quality.
The entire process from individual components to an end product is located under one roof. In addition to the substantive quality, a lot of attention has also been paid to design and choice of materials.
This again to emphasize the quality of Sentz®.

Attention to the environment:
Our environment is under severe pressure and everyone must assume their responsibilities.
Sentz® does not use propellants and other aerosols. Fluorocarbon is also not processed by us because it is too harmful to people and the environment.
The vast majority of our washing and impregnating products is conditioned rainwater,
which means that no unnecessary toxic solvents need to be used. Another advantage of rainwater is that it is very “soft” water.
Sentz® is non-flammable and does not release toxic fumes.
Sentz® was developed without using laboratory animals.

What is a breathable membrane?
Everyone talks about Gore-tex and Sympatex and so on. However, the principle is the same everywhere: a membrane is actually a very thin layer with tiny holes in it.
These holes allow perspiration to escape from the inside to the outside while rain cannot penetrate from the outside.

Could a membrane be leaking?
No. At most, a membrane can malfunction because it is soiled or because the outer fabric of the clothing or equipment is soiled, causing it to retain water and thus negatively affect breathability.

Why re-impregnate?
All new clothing and equipment has already been treated in the factory, right?
That's right. Many brands already treat the fabrics in the manufacturing process. However, external factors ensure that the effect of these products decreases with use. A lot of stretching and bending of the fabric during activities causes the water-repellent layer around the fiber structure to loosen.
A water-repellent layer is also dirt-resistant because it 'beads' dirt in combination with water from the treated equipment. After wear and tear of the water-repellent properties, the meanwhile soiled equipment will result in a greatly reduced breathability of the membrane, which means that perspiration moisture is retained and the body cools down.

Why wash with a special soap and not with normal detergent?
A classic detergent has a coarser molecular structure that clogs the holes in the membrane so that perspiration moisture cannot escape and the body remains wet.
Most detergents that provide those 'beautiful' colors and smells as they are usually presented on television, work so aggressively that not only clogs the membrane, but also the water-repellent properties are 'eaten away' in one fell swoop.

Is this product not harmful to the machine?
Absolutely not. Most of the content of our products is water. The product is completely soluble in water and after the final rinse, the excess product has already been flushed out of the machine and our active ingredient is in the treated equipment.
Both Sentz®-n-Clean (the detergent) and Sentz®-n-Dry (the impregnation agent) are completely organic
biodegradable and do not harm the environment.

Standard impregnation programs have even been used in the latest generation of washing machines.

Do I have to re-impregnate every time after washing?
No. Our products are set up in such a way that after an impregnation you only have to wash the next three times before a new impregnation is necessary.

How long will the products last?
2 years is no problem. Note: the products must always be stored frost-free and not be permanently exposed to sunlight.


Maintenance products for technical clothing, hunting, shoes / boots and against ticks and insects