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Selection of pinpointers from various brands. Pinpointers are used to more easily track your find in the ground.

XP Pinpointer MI-4
Pinpointer MI-4
Nokta Makro PulsDive Yellow
Nokta Makro
PulsDive Yellow
XP Pinpointer MI-6
Pinpointer MI-6
Nokta Makro Pulsdive Black
Nokta Makro
Pulsdive Black
Quest Scuba Tector Orange
Scuba Tector Orange
Garrett Pro-pointer II
Pro-pointer II
Minelab Pro Find 15
Pro Find 15
Minelab Pro Find 35 Minelab
Pro Find 35 Minelab
Teknetics Tek-point pinpointer
Tek-point pinpointer
Quest Scuba Tector Black
Scuba Tector Black

What is a Pinpointer for Metal Detecting?

Your traditional metal detector will allow you to locate an item buried below ground, but the accuracy of the location will vary depending on the quality of your metal detector, and you will rarely hit that bullseye. However, that in itself need not be an issue as that is where a pinpoint metal detector comes into its own.

Digging a large area to uncover that treasure consumes both time and energy. Also, due to having only limited knowledge of where that elusive item lies, you run the real risk of inadvertently damaging the object. A pinpointer solves all of those problems by telling you more precisely where to start digging and it can do this even down to ½ an inch. 

This pocket-sized tool is not just your normal handheld metal detector. With models including an led light to help illuminate your search, an audio beep or buzzer vibration, along with increased sensitivity levels for those coins and jewelry, a pinpointer will become your go-to tool. Suddenly, finding that object that triggered your detector is made a whole lot easier thanks to your pinpointer.