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Grass knives for Metal detection

Detect Metal Detectors has a wide range of grass knives for carefully excavating your finds. View the range of grass blades and order easily online.

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When you find an object with your metal detector, it is important that you can carefully remove it from the ground. It can be something fragile that you obviously want to keep intact. A grass knife also ensures that the ground is neatly opened, which you can easily close again. By using the right metal detector shovel and grass knife, you can work faster and more efficiently. Detect Metal Detectors has a wide range of grass blades that make your search easier.

Grass Knives at Detect Metal Detectors

Detect Metal Detectors has a wide range of grass blades for metal detection. We have a number of well-known brands of grass blades, such as EmiteR, Garrett, Motley, Nokta Makro, Kapaan, Quest and Blackada. Discover, for example, the Motley grass knife in 12 different colors or the Quest Diamond Digger stainless steel that simplifies your search.

Buy grass knife?

If you want to buy a grames, discover the wide range at Detect Metal Detectors. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the different grass blades, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with the best tailor-made advice.

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