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Wading shovels

Detect Metaaldetectors has a wide range of wading and sieving scoops for carefully excavating your finds. Check out our selection of scoops and order easily online.

For carefully retrieving your finds from, for example, shallow water or the beach, a wading scoop or sieve scoop is very suitable. If you're going metal detecting on the beach or in shallow water, it's definitely recommended to bring a sieve scoop or wading scoop. With the right tools, you work better and faster. Discover the wide range of wading scoops and sieve scoops at Detect Metal Detectors.

Wading scoops and sieve scoops at Detect Metal Detectors

Detect Metal Detectors has a wide range of metal detector sieve scoops and wading scoops for metal detection. We have several well-known brands of scoops, such as Garrett, Swagier, Motley, Nokta Makro, and Kapaan. Also, discover the popular Motley beach scoop wading shovel for searching in shallow water.

Buying a wading scoop or sieve scoop?

If you want to buy a wading scoop or sieve scoop, discover our unique range at Detect Metal Detectors. If you want to know more or have questions about the wading scoops or sieve scoops, contact us and we will help you choose the best scoop for your needs with personalized advice.

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