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Metaldetector Search Coils

Detect Metaldetectors carries a complete line off search coil and accessories.

When it comes to metal detectors, nothing is more important than the right search wheel. Whether you are using an XP metal detector, Garrett metal detector, a Minelab metal detector, a Nokta Makro metal detector or any other. Detect Metal Detectors has a wide selection of search dials that allow you to tailor your machine perfectly to any search. Whether you are using a VLF detector or a pulse induction machine, we have it all. Search in different areas? Our selection of search dials ensures that your metal detector works efficiently and effectively in any environment.

How does a metal detector search disk work?

Metal detectors are quite complicated machines. However, there is a fairly simple way to explain how search disks work. Simply put, metal detector search discs send powerful magnetic fields into the ground. Once a metal object is discovered, it sends a signal back to the cabinet (computer), which in turn creates a sound that you hear. The magnitude and depth of the magnetic field is directly dependent on the coil size and shape. In general, larger search disks can detect deeper targets because they emit a larger magnetic field. On the other hand, smaller search disks can often find smaller objects, because the magnetic field is more concentrated. Each search disc has advantages and disadvantages, check which one suits you best or get informed.

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