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Rutus metal detector with the capabilities demanded by advanced users, but provided with preloaded settings which make it ideal for beginners also.

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Rutus Rutus Versa
Rutus Versa
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Our designs

We design our detectors from first principals, these are not copies of 20 year old designs. We are not constrained by what has gone before, as technology and components have changed, so have we. Using the latest electronic design concepts, computer aided design and the most advanced microprocessors we can prove that our detectors exceed today's engineering standards.

Our expertise

The hours I have spent in the field searching using a variety of detectors produced by other producers ensure that I know what is happening elsewhere in our market. As a result I know that RUTUS detectors are at the leading edge.


We are a small company, but by using a range of specialist partners we are able to source parts of the highest quality. By bringing in additional engineering expertise from various fields, we make products of the highest quality. Together our partners and specialists make sure that when you hear RUTUS, you think GOOD.


utside of Europe there have been few wars, and modern history is limited to the past 200 years. This means that the objects we are searching for, and therefore the detectors we require differ too. Our detectors are designed to be adaptable from searching for hidden chests, to militaria and yet also be effective at finding silver coins long buried and forgotten. At the heart of this is our method of discrimination, which allows you to uncover interesting finds, while being able to ignore the rubbish.


For most detectors the operating frequency defines the capabilities. Not so with the Alter range of detectors, with the ability to select a spectrum of frequencies, something which makes our detectors a cut above the rest.


We price our detectors so that you receive value. We make sure that where only the best will do that that is what we use. By doing so we ensure that we can provide the best quality, at a price which gives you the greatest value.


Because RUTUS actually manufactures the products we sell, we can guarantee that we have a complete set of spare parts available at all times. Our costs are based on the costs of production, not those of a service and shipping spare parts from the end of the world. Together this means that we are able to complete repairs quickly and at minimal cost. Most small repairs are completed free of charge, even once your two year warranty has ended. As an owner of a RUTUS detector, you are a partner.

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