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Shockwave Metal Detection

'My name is Feike and I've been detecting with a metal detector for about 3 years now. I started with a cheap model, then upgraded to a Simplex, and currently, I've been using the XP Deus II for a while! Last year, I began creating YouTube videos to showcase my detecting journeys and findings in a visually pleasing way. Take a look at my channel, I'd say!

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Shockwave Metal Detection - Feike

Ids Finds

'I'm Idse van Asten, 15 years old, and for as long as I can remember, I've been searching... First, I did this with just my naked eye, and I found some amazing stuff. Later, I expanded this with a magnet, and soon after, I transitioned to an entry-level metal detector.
After using the entry-level detector for a while, with which I found a treasure trove of silver coins, among other things, I upgraded to the Quest Q30. Thanks to Detect Metal Detectors, I've been using a gem of a detector now: the XP ORX.'
Idse shares all his metal detecting adventures on YouTube and Instagram! He takes you to forests, fields, meadows, beaches, parks, and more in his videos. He showcases his findings and how to clean them. Curious now? Check out his Instagram and YouTube channels.

Combat Diggers.

We are a group of four metal detectorists from the Netherlands, sharing a collective interest in history with a specific focus on finding artifacts from World War II. We're proud to say that our Instagram channel has amassed over 40 thousand followers, with whom we share our adventures.

Every week, we head out with our detectors, determined to uncover and document traces of the past. For us, this is more than a hobby; it's a mission to keep history alive and ensure the memory of World War II is preserved.

Our quests lead us to various locations that played a role during the war, such as battlefields, shelters, and more. With each discovery, we capture a piece of the puzzle, gaining a better understanding of what transpired at the time.

It's our passion to make history tangible. Every find we come across tells a story and contributes to our comprehension of the events and the people involved. We handle each discovery with great care and respect, recognizing these objects as witnesses of a dark period in history.

In addition to our quests, we're always looking for ways to share our passion with others. Our social media is where we share our discoveries, stories, and insights with our followers.

If you want to learn more about our findings, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're always excited to involve others in our mission to document history and map out the war. Together, we can ensure the memory of World War II lives on and the past events are not forgotten.

The Combatdiggers

You can follow Combat Diggers' adventures on Instagram,TikTok, and YouTube