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It is possible to exchange your metal detector with us when you purchase a new/different metal detector. It is also possible to sell your metal detector to us.

We offer you a fair trade-in price for your own metal detector.

You can visit our store with your metal detector, where we will determine a trade-in value.
You can also send us your metal detector. We can determine the trade-in value by telephone, email or WhatsApp.

Would you like an indication in advance of the trade-in value of your metal detector? Then we ask you to email some clear photos to [email protected]

We would like to know whether the metal detector is 100% in order, neat and complete and preferably with the original purchase receipt.

The trade-in value of your current metal detector depends on several factors; condition/age, current market, what you are buying in return, etc.

Ask? Or do you want to exchange something? We would like to hear it!