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Lorenz Metaaldetectors

At Lorenz Detecting Systems, they have been pursuing one goal for years: to build the best metal detectors for our customers around the world. Lorenz metal detectors are based on proven technology that has been successfully tested and used.

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At LORENZ Detecting Systems we have been following one goal for years: To build the best Detectors for our customers all over the world.

LORENZ Detectors are based on proven technology which has already been tested and used successfully.

Along with the help of our professional and amateur users, we tried to improve our products and developed all new technologies, such as static conductivity meter reading, based on the pulse induction principle, power MOSFET - Transmitters or special interference reduction circuits.

In the field of industrial metal detectors LORENZ Detecting Systems has been introducing different new products. For example LORENZ Metal Detectors are successfully in use to seperate different metals for recycling purposes.

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