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Lortone Lortone tumbler 3A
Lortone tumbler 3A
Lortone Lortone Trommelmachine model 33B
Lortone Trommelmachine model 33B

LORTONE is the brand among drum machines. LORTONE is a manufacturer with a long history and great experience in the field of durable and affordable tumblers or drum machines. The drum machine is an ideal machine to start grinding and polishing gemstones. Whether you simply want to grind and polish found, received or purchased gemstones; it can be put in the drum machine. It all works very easily. The (loose) drum is filled with the stones, water and grinding / polishing powder. After that, this drum is placed on the device, after which it will rotate. The turning gives the right effect what the stones in the drum need, they sand and roll over each other so that they are sharpened. After 3 to 5 steps from coarse to fine powder, the stones come out of the drum with a high gloss.

In addition to grinding and polishing gemstones, LORTONE's drum machines are also used for machining / polishing metals and precious metals. This operation requires different 'polishing' media and products. Feel free to inquire.

LORTONE has a wide variety of drum machine models.