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The founder of Motley Scoops is the Dutchman Bert van Heerde. A passionate specialist with decades of experience in metal detection.

With his extensive experience, he has commissioned a team of engineers to develop the perfect beach shovel. He then used his vision to give the Motley Beach Scoops their eccentric and colorful identity. Thus, Motley Scoops was born. In a nutshell.

A Motley Beach Scoop is a unique beach scoop. Specially designed by Bert and Motley Beach Scoops, together with a team of highly professional and experienced engineers and detectorists. The shovel is made of two millimeters thick high-quality stainless steel and is therefore much stronger than carbon, wood or fiberglass. This beach Scoop is ready for the heavy work.

The handle has the ideal height and is designed with an all-round grip thanks to the hexagonal holes. This means you don't need extra tape or foam to get a grip. Another advantage is a lower weight and easier handling. The larger and smaller notches also allow sand and water to drain easily from the handle and scope. You only have to do the light work.

The Motley Beach Scoop has an ingenious two-stage footpath. This ensures that you can work with power and precision. The shovel has high-quality welds and a super easy one-pin lock system, making the handle and the shovel very easy to disassemble as a travel concept.

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