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XP DEUS is XP's most popular model and is the first wireless metal detector and the first metal detector with a fully telescopic S-shaped stem

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XP Metaaldetectors XP Deus V5 Metal Detector
XP Metaaldetectors
XP Deus V5 Metal Detector
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XP Metaaldetectors XP Deus 2 FMF Configurator
XP Metaaldetectors
XP Deus 2 FMF Configurator
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Detect Metal Detectors is the official Dutch importer of the French XP Metal Detectors. XP's most popular model is the XP DEUS; the first wireless metal detector ever. The XP Deus metal detector is the first metal detector with a fully telescopic S-shaped stem. Read all about it!

Technological breakthrough with the XP DEUS

The XP DEUS marks a technological breakthrough and is a real innovation in metal detector design. The model's patented 'architecture' is based on three elements, namely the search disk/coil, remote control and headphones. All three are unique, because they communicate wirelessly with each other via a digital radio link. The search coil of the XP DEUS is able to process the signals digitally, so that a wire connection is no longer necessary. An ultra-miniature digital circuitry directly digitizes and analyzes these signals, greatly improving signal processing. The XP DEUS' digital circuit, which is integrated in the search disk, processes the information and transmits it in real time via the radio link to the headset and remote control.

Operate the XP DEUS with the headphones

It is possible to control the XP DEUS metal detector with just the headset. For example, you can use the WS4 and WS5 headphones for an even easier portable configuration of the XP DEUS. XP is the only manufacturer to offer two wireless headphones that meet all your needs. Both the WS4 and WS5 headphones use identical functions and controls. Once there is no remote control, you can use the headphones to adjust all the important detection settings of the XP DEUS.

The XP WS4 Headphones

The WS4 headset is a wireless headset, also known as a backphone. You do not wear the backphone on your head, but behind your head. This backphone for the XP DEUS is fully weatherproof, foldable, compact and very light. The headset control has the advantage that it can be disconnected from the backphone to use it separately for, for example, the XP Wristband or XP Steel Holder.

Fold the XP DEUS in 5 seconds

The new patented 'S TELESCOPIC' handle can be stored very quickly and is easier to use than a straight handle due to the integrated handle. The XP DEUS's molded rubber handle and improved operating angle make it particularly comfortable to use.

XP DEUS at Detect Metal Detectors

Detect Metal Detectors has a wide range of XP DEUS metal detector models in different compositions. As an official importer of XP Metal Detectors in the Netherlands, we offer a diverse range of XP DEUS metal detectors. We also offer XP parts and XP accessories to make optimal use of the XP DEUS metal detector.

The XP DEUS is offered in different compositions at Detect Metal detectors. You can opt for a total package with the XP DEUS, 22 or 28 cm search disk, remote control and the WS4 or WS5 headphones.

If you only want the XP DEUS metal detector including a headset, Detect Metal detectors also offers various options. Order your XP Deus metal detector at Detect today and take advantage! There is also the possibility to purchase the XP DEUS at Detect Metal Detectors with only a remote control.

Want to know more about the XP DEUS?

Do you have questions about the XP DEUS or any of our other metal detectors? Or do you want to know more? Feel free to visit our showroom or contact us. We are happy to give you appropriate advice while enjoying a cup of coffee.

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