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If you are looking for a manhole cover detector, then discover the range of Detect Metal Detectors. View the assortment below and order easily online

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What is a Manhole Cover Detector?

The meaning of a manhole cover detector is already revealed by the name. This detector is designed to locate valve boxes, shut-off valves, fire hydrants, and manhole covers or valve chambers. In addition, manhole cover detectors are also used for searching for steel cables, steel pipes or reinforcement bars under a road surface or somewhere else underground. With a focused downward search field, very specific searching can be done with a manhole cover detector. These detectors ignore ghost signals from other nearby metals and are easy to use near vehicles or fences.

Buying a Manhole Cover Detector

Do you want to buy a manhole cover detector? Then discover our range at Detect Metal Detectors, such as the Elcometer P5000 IMP for very specific searching and also usable as a regular metal detector. In addition, we also offer the Fischer M-97, Fisher M-66 and C.Scope CS880 all of which are highly suitable for detecting manhole covers and other specific metals.

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