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Nokta Nokta Makro Invenio Pro 3D

Nokta Nokta Makro Invenio Pro 3D

The Nokta Makro Invenio Pro is the world's first real-time smart detector & imaging system, providing a 3D top view of the depth, dimensions, and type of material, and even detects underground spaces such as tunnels, cellars, graves, and caves. Read more.

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Product description

Nokta|Makro Invenio 3D metal detector

The Invenio is the world's first real-time smart detector & imaging system and displays the top view shape, depth, dimensions and object identification of underground metals such as iron, gold, silver and even underground spaces such as tunnels, cellars, tombs , caves). De Invenio represents one of the greatest advances in metal detection technology since conventional metal detectors appeared on the market in the 1930s. While many new features and advancements in technology have been introduced since then, Invenio represents the first major step forward in the visual image representation of the metal detection process.

3-way patented technology
After years of extensive research & development and advanced studies in engineering, Nokta|Makro has achieved the development of the world's first Smart detector & Imaging System! A 3-fold patented technique from Nokta|Makro.

Easy and clear operation
Despite the many options that the Invenio offers, it is still easy to operate. The menu is structured in such a way that it is clear and clear so that you can easily navigate through the options. The menu can be set to no fewer than 17 different languages, so that it can be used all over the world. In addition, the Invenio has a Basic mode with which you as a beginner can immediately start your search. The steps you need to perform for your search such as calibrating the IPTU sensor and performing ground balance are explained very user-friendly on the screen.

IPTU SENSOR (Integrated Positional Tracking Unit)
Developed by Nokta|Makro, the IPTU unit. Using this sensor, calculations are made by moving the search coil, which are displayed directly on the screen. The IPTU sensor allows you to track the start and end point of the scanned area and view the exact locations of detected objects. In addition, you can determine the width and length of the scanned area, the depth of the object, and its shape and dimensions using the IPTU sensor.

Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence
The Artificial Neural Network enables the device to deliver superior shape extractions and depth indications using adaptive learning algorithms!

Various objects can be detected with the Invenio from deep treasures at several meters depth, coins, gold, silver, jewelry, relics, underground spaces such as caves, tunnels, cellars, etc. In short, everything you are looking for underground!

Excellent Discrimination, Notch and Unmasking
You can easily exclude unwanted objects from your search process. This object discrimination also works on the basis of the numbers on the object identification. For example, you can set that you do not want to detect objects with an object identification of number 30 or lower (small iron). The Invenio will then no longer give a signal as soon as it detects the unwanted objects. Discrimination is often used to eliminate unwanted objects such as nails and pull rings. The Notch function offers you the possibility of very precise discrimination. You can also discriminate specific ID numbers eg No. 25 and 27 instead of an entire range (0-30). This contributes to the goal of finding more objects and less waste.

High performance and unparalleled depth
Discover large deep objects and treasures up to several meters deep that other detectors simply cannot detect!

High response and recovery speed
The Invenio excels in its response and recovery speed. This can be of great importance if there are several objects right next to each other and you do not want to miss a single object. Many metal detectors will indicate close to each other objects (within a few centimeters distance) as 1 object, so you will not notice that there are several objects, so you can miss objects. With the Invenio you will not miss a single object, given the super fast response and recovery time.

Search modes
The Invenio has 3 non-Motion search modes (Basic, Expert and underground space & deviations) and 3 motion search modes (all metal, fast & deep)

  • The basic mode is designed for beginners. You set the sensitivity to your liking and you calibrate the IPTU sensor and you can start searching. In this mode, iron is automatically discriminated and non-ferrous can be searched. Suitable for the quick treasure hunt and analyzing the objects before they can be excavated.
  • The expert mode is designed for the advanced viewfinder. If you get comfortable in the basic mode, you can start experimenting in the expert mode. Here you can and can adjust many settings such as the threshold, discrimination and the audio tones.
  • Underground spaces & anomalies mode is designed to locate the changes and anomalies in the ground, as well as underground cavities such as rooms, tunnels and cellars. All you need to do is this mode is just calibrate the IPTU sensor and find it
  • All metal mode is recommended if you do not want to use the discrimination function. Very suitable on land and places where there is little iron waste.
  • The fast mode is ideal for searching in areas where there is a lot of iron in the ground. This search mode has a fast response time allowing you to better identify close objects.
  • The Deep mode is specially designed for locating relics and other large objects where you get the maximum depth from the Invenio on larger objects.

Search coils

The Invenio comes with an INV28 waterproof DD search coil measuring 28 x 18cm. This search coil is ideal for accurately locating smaller objects and for searching areas where there is a lot of clutter. In addition, the INV40 waterproof DD search coil with a size of 40 x 35 cm is also included in the standard package. This is an all round search coil for the Invenio with a large coverage and optimal search depth. The Ivenio Pro also comes with the INV56 waterproof DD search coil with a size of no less than 56 x 49cm for even more coverage and search depth on larger objects. All Search Coils are supplied with a protective dish.

Save and copy all your 3D scan results and screenshots to your PC. This way you can view and analyze your scans at all times and compare them with other saved scans. You will also find tutorial videos in the archive that largely explain about the Invenio.

17 languages

2.4GHz wireless connection
The Invenio system box and the detector communicate wirelessly by means of Wi-Fi. In addition, the users can (optionally) purchase the 2.4 GHz wireless headset and pair it with the Invenio. A cable headset is included. You do not need an internet connection for the wireless connection between the detector and the system box, but the connection between the system box and detector is a WiFi connection and also a faster connection than bluetooth.

Online Firmware Updates
Stay up-to-date with firmware updates (via USB on PC) and get the most out of your detector

Vibration and different audio tones
When you activate the vibration, the Invenio will vibrate instead of emitting audio tones when it detects an object, or use vibration and audio at the same time. The vibration function is an essential feature for the deaf and hard of hearing and in a noisy environment. In order to be able to distinguish the metal types (iron - gold - silver, etc.) even better from each other, the Invenio plays 3 different audio tones for the different metal types. This is a good tool for quickly recognizing and/or distinguishing objects and metal types.

The Invenio has display lighting, key lighting and even a search coil lighting! In short, everything you need to get through the dark evenings in autumn.

Invenio standard and Invenio Pro

There are 2 versions of the Invenio available, the standard and the Pro version.

  • The Pro version comes with an extra large 56 cm search coil with a suitable carrying bag that allows you to search even deeper and even faster on larger surfaces.
  • In addition, the Pro version has multi-frequency technology with 3 search frequencies, 5khz, 14khz and 20khz, ideal if your search goals are very diverse. A low search frequency is better able to find large objects even deeper, while the 20khz is more accurate in locating very small objects. The Standard Invenio comes with the usual all-round 14khz search frequency.
  • The Pro comes with a comfortable harness to carry the control unit. The stardaart version comes with a carrying strap.
  • The Pro version comes with an additional rechargeable 9500 mAh Lipo battery for the control unit.

Scope of supply

  • System cabinet Invenio
  • Handle & handle
  • IPTU sensor
  • Waterproof DD 40 x 35cm search coil (INV40)
  • Waterproof DD 56 x 49cm search coil (INV56)
  • Waterproof DD 28x18cm search coil (INV28)
  • Headphones
  • Carrying case for the system cabinet
  • Spare 9500mAh LiPo battery
  • Charging adapter
  • car charger
  • USB cable
  • Harness / Weight Distribution System
  • Screw set for fixing the search coils
  • Carrying case for the IPTU sensor
  • protective covers
  • Sunshade for the system cabinet
  • INV56 Search Coil Carrying Case
  • Transport case waterproof (IP67)
  • Instruction manual
  • 2 year warranty


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Vragen over dit product?
Heeft u hulp nodig bij het bestellen? Neem contact op met onze klantenservice via e-mail op [email protected], bel naar ons telefoonnummer 0630995335, of stuur ons een bericht via WhatsApp


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Article number
Nokta Invenio Pro 3D Bodemscanner
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