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Handheld Scanners for Security and Surveillance

Handheld Scanners for Security and Surveillance

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In an increasing number of companies and events, safety is of the utmost importance. Handheld scanners are an essential tool to ensure a safe environment. They are particularly effective at detecting metal objects, such as weapons or other prohibited items, making them indispensable for security personnel.

The use of handheld scanners extends beyond just event security. These devices also play a crucial role in sectors such as surveillance, hospitality, and correctional facilities. Below is how handheld scanners are important in these areas:


In the surveillance sector, handheld scanners are essential for conducting thorough security checks. They are used at the entrance of sensitive buildings, such as government institutions, banks, and offices, to screen staff and visitors. The goal is to ensure safety within these facilities by detecting unauthorized or dangerous objects before they can pose a threat. Handheld scanners enhance the effectiveness of surveillance by providing rapid and accurate detection, enabling guards to immediately identify potential threats.


In the hospitality industry, handheld scanners are deployed to ensure the safety of guests and staff in nightclubs, bars, and restaurants. They assist in checking guests for prohibited items such as weapons or drugs, thereby creating a safer environment. The use of handheld scanners can also help reduce incidents of violence and ensure compliance with local laws. Through quick and discreet checks at the entrance, security staff can work efficiently without disrupting the guest experience.

Correctional Facilities

In correctional institutions, handheld scanners are indispensable for maintaining safety and order. They are used to screen visitors, staff, and even inmates to prevent the introduction of contraband, such as drugs, weapons, and mobile phones. The accuracy and portability of handheld scanners make them particularly suitable for use in these environments, where thorough and efficient checks are necessary. The use of advanced handheld scanners can contribute to reducing the entry of prohibited items, which is crucial for maintaining safety and order within the facility.

NMS20 Beveiligingsdetector - Nokta Detectoren


The deployment of handheld scanners in surveillance, hospitality, and correctional institutions demonstrates the versatility and importance of this technology for security purposes. By the ability to quickly and accurately detect metal objects, they form an essential component of security protocols in various sectors. It is therefore important for organizations to invest in high-quality handheld scanners, such as those from Nokta and Garrett, to ensure a safe environment for everyone who uses their services.

Advanced Features of Handheld Scanners Handheld scanners, such as those from Garrett and Fisher, offer advanced features that make them ideal for professional use in security situations:

  • High Sensitivity: Essential for detecting even the smallest metal objects. This is particularly important in high-security scenarios, where even the smallest item can pose a risk.
  • Audio, Visual, and Vibration Alerts: Garrett models provide clear signals to alert the user when metal is detected, increasing the effectiveness of the security procedure.
  • Optional Rechargeable Battery Kits: These ensure that the handheld scanner is always ready for use, which is crucial during long events.

Why Handheld Scanners Are Essential for Event Security Handheld scanners are not only effective at detecting metal objects but also have a deterrent effect on individuals considering bringing prohibited items to an event. This increases overall safety and ensures that visitors feel more secure. Moreover, handheld scanners are mobile and can be quickly and efficiently deployed at various locations, from the entrance to the event hall itself.

Recommended Models

  • Garrett SuperScanner V and Garrett SuperWand: Both models are known for their high sensitivity and reliability. They are frequently used by law enforcement agencies and security personnel due to their robust design and excellent detection capabilities.
  • Fisher CW-20: This model is slightly more affordably priced but still offers excellent detection capabilities and is suitable for a wide range of security applications.
  • The Nokta brand offers several handheld scanners for surveillance and security. The models NMS-20 and NMS-30 are both rechargeable and come with their own charging station and one or more batteries. Nokta also has a more affordable alternative in its range, the Ultrascanner or the Ultrascanner PRO. Both are excellent detectors for safety and surveillance.

NMS30 Security Detector - Nokta Detectors

Final Consideration Investing in high-quality handheld scanners, such as those from Nokta and Garrett, is a smart choice for any organization that takes event security seriously. Not only do they enhance security, but they also improve the visitor experience by ensuring a safe environment. By opting for models with advanced features such as high sensitivity, various alarm options, and the ability to recharge, you ensure that your security team is equipped to meet any challenge.

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