Minelab's Manticore: 50% more powerful than the Equinox. - Detect Metal Detectors
 Minelab's Manticore: 50% more powerful than the Equinox.

Minelab's Manticore: 50% more powerful than the Equinox.

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Minelab's Manticore: 50% More Powerful than the Minelab Equinox Series

The Evolution of Multi-IQ+: The Manticore has been developed over a period of 3 years at Minelab's Australian headquarters. The Manticore boasts twice the battery power of the Equinox metal detector and utilizes this energy directly in the detector's coil for deeper detection and faster recovery times. Wireless headphones, a carbon fiber shaft, and a new, more stable coil attachment method can make the Manticore the new must-have metal detector.

What's New and What's the Same? Minelab has revamped most, if not all, features for the Manticore. If you're familiar with the CTX 3030 and the Equinox, you'll notice some similarities in the Manticore.

The audio tones of the Equinox are similar to the Normal audio setting you'll find on the Manticore. However, Minelab has added two new audio features to the Manticore, namely Enhanced and Continuous, to provide experienced detectorists with even more information about their targets while out in the field. Enhanced audio suppresses some of the smaller targets, giving you an idea of their size through sound. The continuous mode allows you to use a Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) type audio, providing even more details about the detected object.

The Equinox's Iron Bias has been updated in the Ferro Limit feature of the Manticore, which hopefully will help you focus on the iron objects you want rather than the iron trash.

The illuminated screen of the CTX and Equinox is equipped with both a backlit keyboard and a searchlight, ensuring you have as much light as you need when detecting at night. The Manticore can automatically adjust to ambient light when the sun sets, so you can always see your display. If automatic adjustment isn't your preference, you can manually set the brightness from 0-10. The flashlight has three settings: low, medium, and high.

The connectors for charging and waterproof headphones appear to be the same as those on the Equinox, with the same configuration. A similar pair of waterproof headphones as those for the Equinox will be released for Minelab's Manticore. The Manticore will not have Bluetooth functionality and will only have its proprietary wireless connectivity with low latency.

Manticore Search Modes & Discrimination:

The discrimination options of the Manticore have been enhanced with even more precision. The advanced Discrimination Patterns help you navigate trash-filled beaches and still find valuable objects. The search modes of the Manticore may be slightly different from modes used on other metal detectors. You'll find All-Terrain & Beach alongside the Goldfield mode. Here is a complete list of Minelab Manticore search modes.

  • All-Terrain General
  • All-Terrain Fast
  • All-Terrain Low Conductive
  • All-Terrain High Conductive
  • All-Terrain Reject Trash
  • Beach General
  • Beach Low Conductive
  • Beach Deep
  • Beach Surf & Seawater
  • Goldfield General

Initiate Minelab Manticore's Beast Mode

One of the most exciting features of the Manticore is the two-dimensional object visualization on the screen. This provides you with an estimate of what shape the object may be, so you don't have to dig every beep if you're specifically looking for, for example, silver coins. Combine that with the various audio and iron features, and you have an incredibly powerful detector with a lot of flexibility for wherever you like to detect. Beaches, relic fields, and goldfields are all great places to take the Manticore and put its power to the test.


50% More Power in Minelab's Manticore.


General Settings Menu


  1. Multi-IQ+
  2. Single Frequency (5, 10, 15, 20 & 40 kHz)

Audio Options:

  1. Normal
  2. Enhanced
  3. Continuous
  • Target Tones
  • Ferrous Tones
  • Ferrous Limit (similar to the Iron Bias system in Equinox)
  • Discrimination Pattern
  • Recovery Speed (0-8)
  • Ground Balance
  • Noise Cancel (Noise Suppression)
  • Search Modes
  • Volume (0-25)

Additional Information

  • Sensitivity (0-35)
  • Target ID (0-99)
  • Battery Life: ~9 hours with standard settings


The Minelab Manticore metal detector is a technological breakthrough in the world of metal detection, with its Simultaneous Multi-Frequency technology and power that is 50% higher than that of the Equinox. The innovative two-dimensional identification system allows users to search for specific finds and ignore unwanted objects like iron and trash without unnecessary digging. The graphical display provides depth information, object type, and size, giving users a detailed understanding of what lies beneath their feet before the shovel hits the ground.

Additionally, the Manticore is equipped with new audio settings, including standard tones, similar to the Equinox 800, and adjustable VCO audio, making the device customizable to the preferences of every detectorist. With handle vibration signals, you won't miss any find, a feature especially useful in noisy environments or for those with hearing impairments. The Manticore has its own proprietary wireless technology with low latency and comes with wireless headphones and a 1/8" headphone adapter, making it easy to switch to a wired pair.

With the Manticore and its Multi-IQ+ technology, Minelab sets a new standard in metal detection, offering users advanced detection capabilities and an improved user experience. This device is not only a powerful tool for hobbyists and professionals but is also accessible to beginners, highlighting Minelab's commitment to its customer base. In short, the Minelab Manticore represents the latest innovation in detection technology, designed to combine efficiency, precision, and convenience for an optimal treasure hunting experience.











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