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How to Combat EMI with XP Deus 2 RC and XP Deus 2 Master

How to Combat EMI with XP Deus 2 RC and XP Deus 2 Master

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Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) can pose a significant challenge for metal detecting enthusiasts.

But what if there was a way to address it effectively, especially when using the XP Deus 2 RC or the XP Deus 2 Master? Let's delve deeper into EMI and the steps to combat it.

What is EMI?: EMI, or Electromagnetic Interference, originates from various sources.

Many detectorists often contend with noisy detectors in the field. When a detector generates a lot of noise, it becomes challenging to hear those weak and subtle signals.

Combatting EMI with Deus RC: The primary method involves changing the frequency on the Deus 2 RC module. A shortcut, the GB button, enables users to quickly scan for a clean channel. Another approach is to adjust the operating frequency through the menu.

Frequency Adjustment with WS6 Master: The WS6 Master offers similar features with slight variations.

The ON/OFF button serves as the shortcut for frequency scanning. Users can also adjust the maximum operating frequency through the menu.

AUTO vs. MANUAL: At startup, users have the choice between AUTO and MANUAL. It is highly recommended to use MANUAL for full control over frequency scanning.

The DEUS MONO Program: If EMI persists stubbornly, the DEUS MONO program comes to the rescue. It allows users to manually select unique frequencies, ranging from low to high, which ensures a clear working platform 99% of the time.

Conclusion: Understanding and managing EMI is crucial for a seamless metal detecting experience. With the XP Deus 2 RC and XP Deus 2 Master, users are equipped with the tools and knowledge to effectively address EMI. So, prepare yourself, apply these techniques, and embark on a smooth detecting journey. Until next time, happy detecting!

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