XP Xtrem Hunter: The detector for large objects and extreme deep searching! - Detect Metal Detectors
XP Xtrem Hunter: The detector for large objects and extreme deep searching!

XP Xtrem Hunter: The detector for large objects and extreme deep searching!

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The XP Xtrem Hunter: The Detector for Large Objects and Extreme Deep Searching!

After years of development, the XP Xtrem Hunter is the first detector for large metal objects from the new generation of the French manufacturer. A technological and ergonomic leap forward for this very specific category of metal detectors, intended for professional use.

Key Features:

  • FMF TECHNOLOGY: Advanced multi-frequency technology for more accurate detection.
  • 100% WIRELESS: No cables mean more freedom of movement and convenience.
  • UP TO 5M DEPTH: Go deeper than ever before.
  • WIRELESS HEADPHONES: Experience an unobstructed detection experience.
  • LITHIUM BATTERY (10H): Long life for extended searches.

This is the latest major innovation from the French manufacturer XP! With the XP Xtrem Hunter, XP brings the detectors for large objects into a new era: better performance, more versatility, more ergonomics!

The metal detectors for large objects are specific detectors used for underground exploration by construction professionals (searching for networks, pipelines), construction, mining, geologists, archaeology, or any other professional looking for a deeply located metal mass.


The XP Xtrem Hunter stands out with its unique and innovative features: it is the very first metal detector for large objects, 100% wireless, powered by a lithium battery and equipped with multi-frequency technology FMF (Fast Multi Frequency).

Like all detectors in the XP range, the XP Xtrem Hunter works with a radio connection allowing the remote control to communicate with the detection discs and the wireless headphones. An innovation in the field of metal detectors for large objects.

With its 10-hour battery life, it builds on the performance of the XP Déus 2 FMF for more stability and power in the field, regardless of the conditions.


Thanks to the patented telescopic poles set, the machine is ultra-light with a weight of 2.9 kg. A true milestone for metal detectors for large objects. The deep searcher is adjustable, the pole of the XP Xtrem Hunter offers unprecedented compactness allowing the antenna and the entire detector to be stored and transported in a specially designed case or in an XP Backpack 280 backpack.

With the design of a "2 Box" type metal detector, it has two large search discs that work together with each other. Designed for the detection of large objects (more than 15 cm in diameter) up to a depth of 5 meters.


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